Apr 6, 2010

Life as a domestic queen..... lol

I CAN COOK! :)  I really wanted to do something different tonight.  Microwavable diet foods just get so lame after having them every single day for lunch and dinner, so I planned on making a nutrisystem friendly pizza.  It took about 30 minutes to make (less time than delivery!) and it was delicious, healthy and had that homemade taste.  (And only 290 cals for two slices!! Definitely delicious!  The kids even ate it with no problem along with my mom; who hates healthy food!  You can find the recipe here on my weight loss blog. It's definitely a MUST MAKE recipe. :)

Today was a pretty laid back day.  I wanted to do the Tackle It Tuesday and had the girls room a great topic for that, but I just didn't have the time to do it.  I had to get my printer cartridge filled for printing more coupons, (lol) I had to grocery shop and clean the living room about 50 times. LOL  Besides which, Olivia was sick this afternoon.  She is so congested she can't really breathe through her nose.  I suspect it might be allergies.  She is feeling better now, thank God... Nose is still running like a little faucet.

Since I have been eating better today and yesterday, I've fully recovered from Easter. Ha!  I don't have that terrible stomach pain that I had Sunday night and most of yesterday.  I guess from eating less maybe my stomach shrunk a little.  I feel full after just a little bit of food and I really pushed myself on Easter Sunday...  At least I feel better right now.  I'm going to start walking in the afternoon tomorrow.  I'll walk the kids to the park that's about 30 blocks away, have them play for a little bit, and I'll walk back with them.  It's gonna be nice tomorrow.  When it starts to get too warm, that's when I'll go to the gym instead. :)  I'm excited to start exercising.  I'm sure pushing a double stroller will be some resistance as well! lol

How about a little "meme" for today?  This is That's My Answer.

Have you ever been to a professional sporting event?  Just figure skating events.  My mom and I used to go to the Campbell Soup figure skating exhibition every single year when it came to East Rutherford.  I haven't been to anything else because I have never been into sports.  Figure Skating is the only thing that I absolutely love without a doubt.

Have you ever been pulled over by the police? Did you get a ticket?  I got pulled over a few weeks ago.  I was leaving NYC and was about to go through the Holland Tunnel.  I was stopped and pulled over because of my headlight.  My left headlight was out for the longest time and this is the ONLY time I got pulled over.  I never got a ticket, though.  He told me just to get my headlight changed as soon as possible.

What do you put in your mashed potatoes?  I usually used boxed mashed potatoes.  I don't put anything in it other than what I have to. (Milk? Sour cream? Margarine?)  I haven't made them in so long since I've been on a diet...  Now I really want them, thanks. lol

Do you know where your great, great, great grandparents lived? Białystok Poland.  My great grandparents immigrated before my grandmother was born.  In fact, when my grandmother was little, she didn't speak a word of English.  She just spoke Polish.

Oh, and I wanted to tell something hilarious... When we were watching Dancing With The Stars tonight, my daughter asked why "Buzz Lightbeer" wasn't wearing his space suit -- Is that related to Heineken or Budwiser? (She was talking about Buzz Aldrin!)