Apr 22, 2010

Welcome Friday Follow! 04/23/10 - Appreciation Giveaway!!

Why do I love Fridays? Well, Friday Follow, of course!  I love meeting new bloggers and discovering new blogs.  I have found some amazing blogs through FF and anticipate it every week! (Though, every week seems to go so quickly!)  For our new followers, let me tell you a little about myself and my family.

My name is Kristin or Krissy.  (I usually only am called Kristin when I am in trouble!)  I'm 25 years old and a single mom of two girls.  Alayna and Olivia are my lovely girls, and they are 4.5 and 2, respectively.  They are my life!  I love to be a stay at home mom because I am so happy to play with my kids, watch TV with my kids and just be an idiot with my kids. :)  I love being a mom.  Their favorite show is the Imagination Movers and actually...so is mine. (Shh, don't tell anyone.)  We have been to three Imagination Movers concerts and I have to say that those concerts are the BEST. (Actually, the picture of us above is from the Imagination Movers concert!!)  Alayna tells me the best moment in her life was when she met Movers Rich and Dave.  (I was a little starstruck when I met Mover Rich too!)

As of now, I am a work at home mom.  I do have my own business, I am a freelance artist as well as a jewelry designer, but that is on hiatus as we figure out if we are moving or not.  Art is my life.  I attended Moore College of Art and Design on a full scholarship -- I LOVED LIVING IN PHILADELPHIA!!
I am a purse addict and make up addict...I love fashion.  Watching TV really isn't one of my hobbies since I am busy with my kids, but if I have time to watch TV, my favorite shows are Project Runway, Medium, Will and Grace, Friends, Wife Swap, Castle and Law and Order.  :)  If I had felt more confident, I would have wanted to be a Forensic Investigator.  I am basically a normal 25 year old other than being a mom.  :)  I love to be with my friends.  At least once a week my mom tells me to go out and have fun.  Even though she's a hard ass sometimes, she is great at kicking my butt out of the house to de-stress.  Of course, I'm always homesick when I go with my friends.  Since I live 20 minutes from Midtown Manhattan, we usually always go to New York City!

If you guys have any questions for me, I fell into the trend.. You guys can ask me whatever you'd like on The Artsy Mom Formspring.  I'll answer anything!

Also, I am currently on a diet.  It's a modified Nutrisystem program.  I do post some good recipes on here and my diet blog, so if you're looking for something new, feel free to visit!  You can also follow my diet journey.  Since 2008, I have lost 65lbs.  Though, I did fall off and gain some back.  I currently have been back on my diet for 7 weeks and have lost almost 20lbs. :)  Artsymom Weight Loss.

Thanks to all the new followers!  I will pick one of my followers from my comments on this entry and they will receive a special little surprise!  Past prizes have been gift cards and make up products!  I will pick someone on Monday that will be the Friday Follow Appreciation winner!

We got the chance to go to the local carnival today!  It wasn't bad, but it had very few rides, a lot less than usual!  Alayna only got to go on 2 rides because that's all there were for children; Olivia was too small to ride anything.  We didn't stay long at all, but we had fun anyway!  They won some little stuffed animals. :) Other than that, my day was uneventful -- errands and food shopping.