Apr 2, 2010

WELCOME FRIDAY FOLLOW!! :)  My name is Kristin, and I am the Artsy Mom!  How is everyone today?  We have a busy day with finishing grocery shopping, straightening up for Easter, and the kids have a birthday party. (Almost an hour away from us. Eek!!)

I'm enjoying doing our Friday Follow Appreciation giveaway, so every new follower and every comment today gets entered into our giveaway!  This giveaway will be for a STARBUCKS GIFT CARD!! (Now I'm thirsty!)

ALSO - If I happen to reach 300 followers today, we're going to have a HUGE giveaway!!  And I can't wait for that! We have some great companies who are sending us items to review & giveaway... The prizes for that giveaway will all be high value!  My 300th follower will ALSO get something very special!!

Also..some good news... I LOST ANOTHER POUND!! That's OFFICIALLY 13.5 lbs GONE FOREVER!!!  I'm so excited and I feel like I look great.  I feel that my goal IS in sight. (Even though I have about 60 more lbs to lose.)

So, welcome to my blog, stay a while, look around and remember that I do return comments & follows. :)

 Have a great day, weekend and Easter! (And pray for me and the kids at the party!  lol Whenever we go to a birthday, someone always gets grounded!) Pictures later!

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