Apr 9, 2010

Friday Follow & Ultimate Blog Party!!

Today is April 9th, the start of the 5 Minutes For Mom BLOG PARTY!!

Definitely check them out because they're just awesome. :)
Prize Preferences At Bottom

WELCOME! I will be posting another (better) Ultimate Blog Party post later tonight or tomorrow.  I'm so excited to be participating!  I love meeting new bloggy friends and reading new and great blogs, so definitely leave me a comment with your blog (and follow? please? I follow back!)  We will be having some great giveaways for the party until the 16th too!!  I love to celebrate!  We will have something new and great everyday until the end of the party. :)

Everything has been so crazy I completely forgot today was Friday!  Isn't that completely hard to believe? Ha! Well, believe it.  :)  I usually post my link on Friday Follow at 12 am, but today and last night were completely lost to me.  I forgot until about two hours ago.  Hell, I look forward to Friday Follow every week!!  I love meeting new bloggers!

A small introduction to all my new readers/followers >> My name is Krissy and I am a 25 year old single mom of a 4 year old maniac little girl and a 2 year old maniac little girl.  My kids are the cause of my stress my entire life! I am an artist (jewelry designer, fine artist & freelance mural artist) even though currently I just take on freelance projects and do not have a regular job.  (Though that will hopefully change soon!)  I live in New Jersey, although New York City is my life.  I am there more than I am here!  I love Broadway Theater and have seen more shows than I can even count!  Currently, I am on a modified Nutrisystem plan and trying like hell to lose my flub lose some weight.  I have lost 15.5 lbs and counting.  (Click here for my weight loss blog.)  I love meeting new bloggers, so welcome!!

I love my friends like crazy, especially my friend Gina.  She is one of the funniest and most fun people to be around.  I am definitely so glad to have her as my friend!!  We ended up hanging out in the city recently and had so much fun even though things didn't go as planned.  

You see, I actually live a half hour from New York City.  (I have gotten from my house to NYC in as little as 20 minutes, so I am extremely close.)  The problem is, traffic is so hard to predict -- even with listening to the traffic on the radio/tv.  You never know what will happen when you get closer to the bridges or tunnels leading into the city.  Well, we had planned to go see a show and wanted to try for the lottery.  (At this point, since I am saving up for things during the summer, winning the lottery and getting $25 tickets would have been ALL I could do.)  Traffic was insane.  And that was on BOTH of our ends. [We come from separate directions in NJ, but we're both 20 minutes away from the city.] We got there way too late for the lotto.  Even though there were standing room seats available for $21.50, we decided our money would be better spent just hanging out.  So we did.

We had a lot of fun, as we always do.  She talked me into playing Dance Dance Revolution at Dave and Busters, ha! That was a sight to see!  #1.  I can't dance and #2.  I have NO coordination.  We had a lot of fun, though.  We played a bunch of different games there, got absolutely no tickets for prizes...lol  We didn't care!  We were wasting time.

It was fun to pretend we were teeny boppers and take pictures in front of the Next To Normal doors. (Which is our favorite show, and Alice Ripley is my musical hero.)  We just completely wasted time and loved every second of it.  I love having the friends I have, because we don't have to do anything in particular to have fun.  We can just waste time, walk around or be useless and still have time time of our lives. (I treasure the girls days/nights out and am so lucky to have an in house babysitter; my mom. I always appreciate everything she does for me.)

Tomorrow, my mom and I are going to garage sales and we are very exciting.  We have some particular things we're looking for to get for the house, and we also just look for random little interesting things too.  Total excitement.

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The 5 Minutes for Mom blog party has TONS of prizes to be won! Which are my top 3 preferences?  Well, the top 3 prizes I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to win are:

  1. #1 Grand Prize: Toshiba Satellite Laptop (duh! Everyone probably wants to win this beauty!)
  2. USC17 Apple Gift Card (This could be very helpful to us!)
  3. #39 Hilton Garden Inn gift certificate
If we do happen to win and those are all claimed, these are our other preferences (in order of preference.)
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