Apr 10, 2010

Let's have FUN!! :) UPB Day 2!!

I looove to party and love some party icebreakers!  (That used to be my favorite part of school parties and get togethers!!) So sit back, get comfy, grab some great snacks or a cocktail and let's get started!  Our first ice breaker is:

What has been the BEST party you have ever been to?

I'll tell you mine. :)  For my 22nd birthday a few of my friends decided to surprise me completely.  Some flew in from wherever they lived, but didn't tell me.  One of my best friends, Carole, told me that she and I were going for a day in NYC together.  (I believed her, being as naive as I was! LOL Besides, I felt no one really cared about my birthday!)  Well, we parked and started walking to BB Kings where she said we were eating for lunch.  When I get there, I had about 6 of my friends. (including my boyfriend, at the time)  When I got there, I was told that they had other birthday surprises planned; they were taking me to see Wicked and we were going on a freaking dinner cruise around Manhattan!  

This was the best party because people cared.  I never had a birthday party for any of my adult life and because those people cared like they did, it was just absolutely amazing to me.  I felt so loved and a part of something.  It was perfect.  I will definitely never forget that party!

Now onto my regularly scheduled post!

I had such an exciting day!  It's that time of the year again, garage sale season!  My mom and I went today and had such a great time.  I enjoy those Saturdays with my mom.  

We found a $2 waffle maker, the Fisher Price Smart Shopper store for $8!! (With all of the accessories!!)  I wanted to get this for the girls quite a while ago, but was never able to find it in a store!  The thing is so adorable.  It comes with plenty of play food, a play credit card, play shopping bags, play coins and plastic cash along with a shopping basket AND shopping cart!!  It's very helpful with teaching the kids what things are and teaching them some numbers.  IT EVEN HAS A LITTLE PLAY ATM ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE!!!  It's so adorable, I can't stand it!! 

I also found some awesome clothes for the girls for very cheap and some Bratz dolls.  (Only spent $35 the ENTIRE day!!)  I got some things for myself; necklaces (5 for $1.00!!) as well as the waffle maker and a South Beach cookbook!  Very excited about everything I did pick up today.  I can't wait until next weekend for more garage sale fun!  It's the only time my mom and I don't fight.  (And finding out where we're going while driving around Staten Island is just awesome!)  
Happy Weekend, everyone...hope you're having a great one!  Oh yeah, and TOMORROW we're posting a ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY GIVEAWAY!!  We're going to be giving away Hot Locks dolls!!  Will be posted tomorrow morning!