Apr 5, 2010

Monday Mingle - -4/05/10

I had recorded a second version of the Monday Mingle, but unfortunately it was with my digital camera.  I guess the format was too large because YouTube would not upload it.  Oh the frustration!  I'll figure out how to make the format smaller so next time it will work! 

New Jersey is one of the only few states who do NOT have a mutual consent registry for adoptees and birth parents.  I think that is very wrong, as stated in the video.  I, for one, am an adoptee who had to PAY money to find out who they are and where they came from.  I think that's just plain wrong.  Everyone deserves an explanation, if they can get it.  If the birth mother/parents are willing to be found and if they are willing to meet the adoptee, why can't that happen without paying?  Adoptive parents pay enough to adopt in the first place. Unfortunately, there are adoption groups in New Jersey that are against the registry.  They feel as if it is an invasion of privacy.  Though, how is it an invasion of privacy to fill out a form to be put in a registry that you want to meet the other party?  It's not giving out any immediate information.  I am strongly for the mutual consent registry.

After paying to find my biological family, I had found out that my birth sister had been looking for me for 2 years.  Of course, if there was that mutual consent registry, I might have been able to find her earlier than I did.  There should be a simpler way to find out your past. -- That's my stance.