Apr 2, 2010

Two kids and a party.

I was so worried to take my kids to another birthday party, especially the way they were acting so hyper these past few days.  My apprehension was mostly because I thought they would cause a huge scene, terrorize the entire place and get kicked out. LOL  I'm very hapy to say that my fears were for no reason.  My kids were very well behaved at their friend Payton's birthday party today.

The party was at a play place about 35 minutes away -- the drive was insane.  Especially on the highway with my mom in the car. (Shoot me now!)  My mom is the worst backseat driver EVER.  The drive wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't on a Holiday weekend and if my mom wasn't in the car. 

Olivia was very nervous about going in the tunnels at the party, while Alayna ran around with her friends.  I had to buy socks at the concession stand and go in all the tunnels with her.  Keep in mind -- I have ALWAYS hated those tunnels.  I'm up in there sweating and praying that I wouldn't have clostrophobia.  LOL  The things we do for our kids!!  At least there were other parents in the tunnels too, so it wasn't just me.  And at least they were roomy tunnels.  
The ball pit was their favorite, and rightfully so!  I had fun in there too playing with my kids. :D  I'm a huge kid myself.  

 I am very proud of this picture.  It looks awesome!

We had a great time.  Now, unfortunately, it's back to cleaning and cooking for Easter...after I take a nap!!

You can see more pictures from the party HERE.

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