Apr 1, 2010

After this day, I need a nap...and a drink! lmao

Another one of those days where you just want to go back to bed and redo the entire day.   First off, my mom has been cranky the entire day.  If she wasn't older, I'd say PMS. ;)  My entire day has been running errands for her, which isn't a bad thing -- If she was grateful for all I did for her today.  (Which she isn't.)

Let me ask you; What would you do if you scanned your entire grocery order at the self check out, got to the coupons, scanned most of them and asked for assistance when the coupon didn't scan. (Printer cartridge was going when I printed it.)  When the cashier came over, she accidentally cancelled the order rather than putting in the coupon value... But she did this FOUR TIMESFOUR TIMES I had to re-scan everything.  I stood there at the self check out lane for 45 minutes because the associate "trying to help" cancelled the order over and over again.  Eventually, I asked for the manager and she put my coupons through with no problem.  Thank God.  If I had to scan it a 5th time, I would have gone ape shit.

At least I did excellent...I had gotten a $65.51 order and only paid $9.50.  I have to thank my great catalina coupons for saving as much as I did!  I feel like I did just perfect.  I was very happy with what I did. :)  

I get home, my mom was very pleased with what I spent at the store and how much I saved, but she was still ungrateful.  Instead of telling me nicely that she wished I had gotten something different, she yells.  She tells me in a very rude way, and keeps on yelling even after the fact, that I'm "useless" and "never do anything right."  I try my damndest to get her what she needs and I'm always hesitant to give her the groceries.  This happens WHENEVER I go to the grocery store.  I hate to make my mom sound so terrible, because she isn't, but sometimes she just lets her anger fly off the handle.  Sometimes I can't take it.

I have such a terrible migraine right now, all I want to do is go to sleep.  Thank God I got my kids to sleep pretty easily, so I can go to sleep.  I just have to go to the grocery store AGAIN early tomorow morning since we have a birthday party in the afternoon.  Sometimes I want to bang my head against the wall.