Apr 19, 2010

We're all registered!

Well, my daughter is.  For pre school in the fall.  If you want my opinion, she is so much more advanced than the kids I saw there today.  (Not to mention, her being tall is making her stand out like a sore thumb!)  But since she was born a few days after the NJ State cut off date, she has to be in pre school right now and not last year.  She is excited and I'm excited for her because I know how happy finally going to a real school is making her. 

I do have to say -- our school district really is disorganized when it comes to this mess.  I showed up two hours earlier than when I was supposed to be there and there was already 14 people in front of me.  Thank God I got there early, because there were so many more people there after me.  It seemed more like a cattle call than registration.  It was mostly first come first serve due to overcrowding, so if I went later, I would have risked my daughter not getting into a pre school at all.  

Monday Mingle just didn't happen for me today! (Unless I can quickly do it tonight.)  I was so busy this weekend and today.  I have been really good with blogging until life got a hold of me!  Sorry this is so short!  Just wanted to let you know I am still around. Haha. Tomorrow will be a better blog, I promise!!