Feb 17, 2010

All mommy bloggers make money?

I heard the funniest thing yesterday.  Let me start from the beginning.  I posted on a message board filled with moms some great links to giveaways on various blogs.  I really thought that they would enjoy the possibility to win some great products.  After all, it was a couponing/budgeting message board anyway!  I wrote up a nice post explaining how mommies give away some great stuff and work hard on their blogs.  

I get a response a few minutes later saying that mommy blogs are not allowed to be posted on the message board because ALL MOMMIES BLOG FOR A PROFIT.  I got a PM a few minutes later saying that mommies should not get paid for blogging because it is not a real job.  -- EXCUSE ME??

First and foremost, all mommies do not get paid to blog.  Hell, I make absolutely no money from my blog.  If I get ANY compensation for anything, it is either in the form of coupons or just comped merchandise.  I get NO monetary compensation for my blog.  So right off, all mommies do not get paid.  Secondly, I do strongly believe that blogging is not just a hobby but can be a form of financial support. People put a lot of work into their blogs.  They spend a lot of time on their blogs and I think mommies deserve compensation for what they do.  They work hard enough.

I'm just finding it a huge misconseption that all mommy bloggers get paid to blog.  I also find it rude that people think it is not a real job.  Writers get paid to write, editors get paid to edit, photographers get paid to take pictures...why can't mommy bloggers get paid to do all of the above?  That just set me off last night when I read that.  

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mommymommymommy said...

I just saw your link in Twittermoms and wantd to check out your blog. It looks fabulous! You know quite a bit! How did you get such great title artwork and all of those things flashing in your sidebar? Please share in the Twittermom blog discussion!

Mama B said...

That's so annoying! I don't get paid, at all. Very few bloggers (mom or not) do! Someone must have read about Dooce and assumed that was the norm. We only wish right?

Krissy @ ArtsyMom said...

@ MamaB: I know! We definitely only wish! I see these moms that get paid for their blogs and I feel so discouraged. Like I'm doing something wrong! Then I realize, I love to blog. I have been blogging for 10 years uncompensated, if I ever do get paid for it, great. I'm not gonna get myself upset over it! Some people just have all of the connections. That's how it always is in life.

@ mommymommymommy: I will :) If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask me! artisticmom@ymail.com :)

Krystyn said...

Hmmmmmm...that's just rude and crazy talk. First to make the assumption that all mommy bloggers are stereotypically the same. And, second, to say that it's not a real job? Who says what is and isn't a job? If you get paid for it, and you aren't winning money...it's work and it's a job.

Most people who have a good blog with good content spend a lot of time on their blog. If they get paid for it, what a bonus!