Feb 27, 2010

Taking a time out day.

The sun was out and the snow was melting quickly, and thank God for that!!  I was so happy to see the weather this morning, even though it was cold.  More snow was the last thing I wanted and was still something that was possibly on the forecast.  I decided to just have a pretty lazy and laid back day with my kids.

We printed and cut coupons, watched TV, played in my room, ate luch and the girls played dress up for hours.  I had gotten Alayna a My Size Barbie Fairy for Christmas and she and Olivia wear the clothes from that barbie constantly. (Hence as in the pictures!)  They add some Tinkerbelle wings and a princess crown from Alayna's birthday party and voila! They're princesses.  It's just so adorable to watch them "flutter" around the living room and into their Rosepetal Cottage. :)  There are days when just sitting around the house with the girls is all I want to do. :) 
I did have to go out for some short moments today.  Of course, I had to get the Saturday paper.  (Coupons!)  I am disappointed to say that the paper wasn't so great.  Just one Smart Source insert. Oh well.  I'll still get one Sunday paper tomorrow.  Maybe it won't be as much of a disappointment as today's was. (The Sunday paper is usually better, actually.)  I also had to go out and pay Verizon... What a story.

I've honestly had it with Verizon and I think that when this contract is up in June, that's it for me.  They called me today and told me that I owed them an ungodly amount of money and if I didn't pay it, my service would get disconnected TOMORROW.  Apparently, they claim they haven't received the older device from my mom's warranty replacement.  I told them I have the FedEx receipt saying I did send it back and when I track it online, it says that it arrived with Verizon.  They told me to fax them or scan them a copy of the receipt and they can open an investigation, HOWEVER -- they still need me to pay said ungodly amount so my service won't get terminated.  WHAT?!  They promised to refund my money when the investigation was complete. (Usually a week or so.)  Someone at Verizon must have not entered in that my package was received.  They did assure me that it was COMMON.  Are you serious? What a way to run a multi million dollar business.  

I leave you with a beautiful picture I took at the park today. :)


Cori said...

I hate when companies do that. T Mobile and I are going round right now because of a mistake they made, and they expect me to pay for it. No, if I made a mistake and forgot to pay my bill, I'd still have to pay a late fee. If you make a mistake, you're going to have to lose some money. Maybe that would inspire some of the larger corporations to focus more on quality control and less on cutting corners to make a profit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow! I am now your blog follower. It is a pleasure to meet ya and have a great week!

~ Lynn

Heather said...

Just wanted to say my oldest is sitting here LOVING these pictures. She wants to "go play with that pretty girl"!