Feb 10, 2010

Loving my new layout. :)

There is a lot I want to fix a little more with the layout, but overall I am really liking this!  It just feels a lot more organized than my previous layout.  The only downside about all of this, was the fact that when I changed my layout I did something stupid and deleted ALL of my sidebar widgets.  I feel that the way my sidebar widgets look now, and are organized, really makes the entire thing look so much better.  I feel like it's easier on the eyes. 

The snow is coming and has started already.  It started around 7:30 PM in and around the city.  It's insane.  It wasn't supposed to start until after midnight, but it came in early.  I guess it really is going to be as bad as they say it is!!  As long as Thursday/Friday/Saturday is ok for driving!  I have big plans all three days. :)  I will definitely take pictures of how much snow we have in the morning.  I'll do it as soon as I wake up, in fact!
I have one complaint:  I went to Kohls today to see if I could get a shirt that I had passed up the last time.  However, I didn't go to the one in Staten Island that I went to when I saw it.  The shirt turned out to be on clearance at the store I went to, but it was $10 more expensive!  In Staten Island it was $5.50 and in Jersey City, it was $15.50!  I can't believe that the clearance prices vary so much from store to store!  Definitely not going back to Newport Centre again to go to Kohls!  That frustrated me!

Excitement is growing for moving... Honestly!  I've started putting down what I want to do with my room and the girls room.  I want to paint my walls a light pink, more mature than the dark pink is now.  I'm going to keep my bed, I believe, but I need a new wardrobe/dresser for my room.  The one I have is falling apart terribly!  I can't wait to get rid of it! lol :)  My TV, I'm going to have to get another wall mount.  I doubt I can unscrew this one and take it with me.  The room I'm moving into is slightly larger...not by much!