Feb 8, 2010

Testing out a Blogging client.

I have been looking for a blogging client for my iPhone that would allow me to post from my iPhone when I wanted to share something interesting, or when I can't connect to my Internet on my network with my computer. After searching the Internet and going through a few apps on the App Store, I finally found Blog Press. It runs about $2.99 at the iPhone app store and has some great features.

- supports many blogging platforms
- posts pictures and videos directly to your blog and YouTube
- posts your new blog link to Twitter, letting people know you have blogged.
- detects your gps location and posts that as well.

There are many interesting features of Blog Press, and so far, I like it. I think it has a very user friendly interface as well as being very simple to navigate and understand. Everything works together seamlessly, although setting ip Twitter to work with your blog press account is a little slow. Overall, this is a great app and addition for my iPhone. One I will actually be putting to use!

Speaking of not being able to connect to the Internet, I am not able to connect to the Internet on my computer at the moment. Apparently, Verizon is not a happy camper. They told me there is an outtage in my area again. This happens at least on e or twice a month and it pisses off everyone around us! Hey, at least I now have blog press!

I will also include the Monday "That's My Answer" question!
How much do you use your imagination on a regular basis? I have two kids, therefore using my imagination is something that isn't a choice, it's a given! I constantly have to use my imagination to play Barbies or doll house or doctors office or even play Imagination Movers with my girls!  I really love it too.  I love using my imagination to entertain my girls.  It could be because I'm a kid at heart!!

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