Feb 19, 2010

Thursday Questions & a rant.

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3x Thursday

1. Name one person (it can be anyone) who used to be in your life before, but now isn’t (due to death), and why you miss that person. My dad died when I was 3 years old and I really do miss him at times.  Granted, I don't remember him at all.  I was 3... I just remember what I saw in home videos that we watched religiously.  My mom was determined to never let me forget him, so we watched home movies almost weekly. :) I really do wish that I had the chance to know him.  I'd want to know what he would be like when I got older,  I'd want to know if he is proud of me, I'd want my kids to know him.  I know we can't change the past, but we can wonder about what could have been.

2. People come and go from our lives all of the time. Is there one person you particularly miss the most? If so, why? If not, are you just a loner? I miss a lot of people who have been in my life.  I miss friends that have come and gone and I do sometimes miss relationships I have been in.  Particularly, there isn't anyone I miss the most.  If a friend has left my life for a particular reason, that was meant to be and they probably weren't a real friend anyway.  My real friends are those that have stayed with me throughout anything and who are by my side today.

3. There are some people in our lives that we can re-reach out to and reconnect with. Is there anyone you’d like for that to happen with? Who? Why? There are a few.  Mostly because I feel like I can explain a lot to those people.  There were some friends I had lost when I just became depressed and withdrew.  As I said before, they weren't really real friends if they left because of that reason.  I have a handful of friends who have stayed with me.  They're the people who are really my friends.  However, I would like to explain a lot to those who have left.

What a day this was!  We're completely moving things around so I had to run out to Radio Shack this morning to get a coaxle cable extender for the satellite.  The living room looks great!  If you go further to the dining room, my room, the girls room and the kitchen, not so much.  We're trying to make the house more livable...If we even stay here.  We have no idea what our moving arrangements (or lack there of?) are at this point.  We're being prepared for every scenario.  

My uncle and I moved a large wardrobe/dresser combo from my room.  It was broken, the drawers were cracked and falling out the bottom. It was really useless and just a receptacle for junk to be thrown in the remaining drawers/cabinets.  It wasn't worth keeping that bulky piece of junk in my room!  Taking that cabinet down the stairs and outside was the most hilarious thing I think I have experienced with my family in a while.  We had no idea how to get it down the stairs.  We were going to actually try to fix it until 2 legs broke while we were moving it.  After that, we just ended up trying to slide the damn thing down the stairs.  We got it down, but the remaining 2 legs broke. LOL  We had a lot of laughs.

We did move a new dresser into my room.  Actually, it was the dresser I painted for Alayna's room before we moved the first time.  I had upcycled a dresser that a family friend had given to us when they were moving.  I painted the drawers different colors and painted a fairy mural on the side cabinet.  It's actually a beautiful piece.  I'll have to take a picture of it.  I'll probably re-paint it to match my room.  It fits perfectly and looks great. :)  There wasn't as much room as the piece of junk wardrobe had, but it will do.  

I do have a complaint about PayPal.  I have had my business account for 3 years.  I've had various amounts debited into the account for my business and also for some jobs I had that paid through PayPal.  They know that too!  Today, when trying to use it and finding it was declined, I got on my account and saw the LIMITED IT.  They limited it due to "suspicious activity".  What?!  This morning I had transferred $102.10 into my business account (from my personal account) because a family member had purchased a custom necklace from me.  I do have two debit cards for both accounts, but I'm trying to get current on some bills and wanted it all in one account for now.  I don't see how transferring $102.10 would trigger any "suspicious activity".  I've done it before!  So,  I had to go through scanning my SS card, drivers license, proof of address, explaining the transfer ETC... I have to call them tomorrow to figure out what the hell happened and get my account back working.  It is so frustrating.  It seems like there is always some problem with PayPal. Unfortunately, it's the only means of payment for my business at this point, so I'm stuck.  I just hope they can work this out tomorrow since I have scanned them all they're asking for! The frustration!


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Hello,Happy Friday Follow. Looks like you have a lot of fun around here.I will have to come back when i can stay longer.