Feb 7, 2010

Hyped over snow??

My mom and I had gotten tickets to see The View about two weeks ago, so I decided to take her to the city.  My mom hardly gets out and I thought that would be a great little outing for her. :)  So off we went on Thursday.  We had a great time.  I snapped this pic on the left with my Blackberry.  (I know, they say no cell phones, but I hadn't gotten my new camera yet at this point! lol)  My mom absolutely loves this show and she had the time of her life.  She enjoyed getting dressed up and getting out, even though she does not like NYC at all.  Unfotunately, they hardly showed the audience on TV...and I looked good too.

I ended up getting a new digital camera even before my tax check came in.  I ended up getting this camera that I absolutely fell in love with....the Samsung TL220 with dual viewscreens.  I am in love with this camera.  It takes amazing pictures, I love the dual viewscreens on the front and back, since my kids and I take pictures of ourselves all the time, and I love how big the screen is.  The camera is thin but a little larger than other digital cameras.  I'm hoping to use it for a little while longer and be able to write a good formal review. :) 

News reporters were telling us that there was a terrible storm coming to drop about a foot and a half of snow on us... We waited, anticipated, stocked up on food, battled the huge supermarket's crowds... Waited some more... No snow.  Woke up this morning to find our "huge monster snowfall" -- 2 inches of snow.  News reporters decided to redeem themselves by saying they had no idea how we didn't get the huge snowfall they were predicting... Lol... They were obviously wrong.  Though, there were sections of New Jersey that did get hit with crazy snowfalls.  Those were south from us, however.  I'm actually glad we didn't get as much snow as they were predicting.  I couldn't take more!  


Krystyn said...

I'm cold just thinking about all of that snow!

Congrats on the new camera.

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

You are an awesome daughter for taking your mom to see The View. I am so jealous of your new camera...I don't envy you the snow though :D