Feb 19, 2010

Friday Fun & Potty Training

Don't forget about our Little Tikes Giveaway! We only have four entries, which doesn't make it much of a competition.  Come on guys, don't you want a free play set for your kids? ;)

As per yesterday's blog about my lovely PayPal dilemma, they fixed it.  I called this morning and killed them with sweetness.  I explained to them that I don't understand why they keep freezing my account.  They reviewed the drivers license copy, social security copy, address verification copy, etc... And told me that they don't know why that $100 flagged my account and froze it.  I had told them (nicely) that if they continued to do so, I would be forced to withdraw all of my PayPal funds and close out my account.  They were very apologetic.  They also told me that they don't have any business information on file for me.  I had to fax over my LLC papers as well as giving them a description of my company.  They asked me if I had a supplier or if I drop shipped... Um, I am an artist.  I make my own jewelry.  The lady was very interested about that and asked me questions on how I managed that with two kids.  At this point, I was so tired, frustrated and in no mood to explain my tricks of the trade, but to continue to be sweet, I explained to her how I do it. lol  That phone call EXHAUSTED me!  At least I got my money freed up, thank God.  

I'm so proud of my little princess!  She is almost 4.5 years old and we've been going through the potty training woes for a year and a half now.  She would start to be interested in going to the potty, then she'd take it back and refuse to do it.  We have had so many arguments about potty training and her crying because she refused to do it...It was starting to stress me out.  I honestly thought I would have to find diapers for her until she was in college at this point!! lol  I got the idea from another blog (I'm so sorry, I don't remember the link.  If the person who posted this idea about her son reads this, please comment and let me know it was you.  I'd love to link you!) and told Alayna that if she started wearing underpants during the day, and if she got rid of her pull ups, I would get her brand new underpants and underjams to wear at night.  I also told her that we would have a Potty Party with a cake and some small presents.  Well, Alayna is definitely one for a party.  She LOVES parties.  She agreed.  She gave her Pull Ups to her sister and got out some underpants and for over 24 hours she has USED THE POTTY!! No accidents at all!!  This morning she woke up, took the one Pull Ups off that I gave her for the night, and she got out underpants and put them on!  She is so excited that she has on Hannah Montana underpants and tells everyone that calls us or anyone that we see.  I told her that if all goes well, Wednesday when our Uncle comes home, we will have a Potty Party!! :)  She's excited and so happy...Needless to say, so am I!!  At least I know Olivia won't be that hard to train.  She already wants to use the potty since she sees her big sister going.  Such a relief! 

Time to clean... The kids are distracted watching Olivia the Pig, so I'm sure I'll have an hour to clean. 

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