Feb 23, 2010

Video Blog #1!

Last night I installed my Microsoft LifeCam that I purchased two years ago.  I tried to vlog with it and OMG - the quality was TERRIBLE! Even changing the settings on the program itself!  The synch was off, the lighting was dark, I had to move a table lamp next to me to get it to work!  That said, today I tried my Macbook cam.  I set the macbook a little higher than my line of vision and it was so much better.  I recorded a vlog with that, and hopefully it's a lot better!  Don't mind my hair.  It wasn't poofy before I went out in the downpour.  EDIT: The video still seems a bit dark, but YouTube says it's still processing. Maybe it will get better afterwards!


TamsJewelry said...

Picture quality looks great on my end but my volume was all the way up couldn't hear ya.Can't wait to try mine now.Thanks for the inspiration!Your hair looks cute.

Krissy @ Artsymom said...

Thanks :) Damn. I have to figure out how to use my webcam better. lmao

candace said...

your adorable!