May 7, 2010

Yay mommy, SALAD!

My daughter gets so excited when she can go to a restaurant and make her own salad.  Probably the only kid I know who actually loves salad to the point of jumping for joy over being able to order one!  I have to say; she eats really well. 

I took my mother out to dinner tonight for Mother's Day.  I know it's early, but I probably won't have the time to do it the days leading up to Sunday because either she or I are just too swamped with things here or family events.  We had a really good time and had the time to talk to each other.  The kids were very well behaved; something that never happens when we go out to eat.  Well, Alayna was too excited about getting to make her own salad, and Olivia was too enthralled with the Bubbles game on my iPhone. lol  

My mom and I are actually starting to talk more normal and civil.  I enjoy that.  She and I have had to depend on each other since my dad died when I was 3, and I guess sometimes we do fight more than we talk...  Doesn't mean I love her any less and doesn't mean I don't want a better relationship with her.  She and I both made promises to each other to try to be calm and talk out our problems.  I hope she can stick to her end of the bargain.  I had a great time with her at dinner.  She was very thankful too.  I felt like I finally did something right.

Upon request of Alayna, she and I got the Wii hooked up again.  We spent a lot of the day playing Wii Tennis and Wii Bowling together.  (She's amazing at bowling!)  We also got Wii Fit and Guitar Hero up and running too! (Man, I am obsessed with Guitar Hero!)  I have been a little down on myself lately because of my weight loss plateau, but when I stepped on my Wii Balance Board for Wii Fit and saw that the last time I used it, June 2009, I was 50+ lbs more.  That just blew me away, I couldn't believe that.  I guess I couldn't believe it because since June 09 I have been so yo-yo ing with my weight and my eating habits.  I would eat good and then regress and just binge...  This time -- I'm not going to binge.  I'm not going to let anything hinder my results.  I feel motivated and loved working out on the Wii Fit today.  Tomorrow, I'm going to start a more rigorous workout routine.

We have a Communion party on Saturday and the kids didn't have dresses.  I also needed to find something new, since most of my dresses are big on me. We ended up going to Burlington Coat Factory and I have to say...I fell in love with the most gorgeous dress ever.  It was also a size 11.  That just made my day...  It made me feel successful and happy with myself.  I'm going to keep up the good work. :)

Oh, and Welcome Friday Follow!!