Nov 13, 2009

I guess sometimes dieting for as long as I have kicks your metabolism back into action. My eating habits, for the past week, have been somewhat here and there and I have had food like cheeseburger or pizza... I dreaded weighing myself to see the damage I had done, but I actually was the same weight. That makes me very happy because I thought my stress eating would have really gotten me into trouble. :) Of course, I won't get back into that terrible habit. Tonight was my last night of eating terribly and tomorrow I'm back on the straight and narrow. I have a lot of weight to lose and I really have to get to that weight within a decent amount of time.

I got some new items listed today. :) First of all, I have the amazingly tasty Mexican Wedding Cakes/Snowball Cookies that I listed on Sugardust. Absolutely DELICIOUS!! They're freshly made to order and coated in a hand made vanilla powdered sugar. The inside of these cookies are mouth watering and melts right in your mouth. They're great for company. Right now, we only have our samplers listed, but we will be adding larger quantities. For now, if you need larger quantities please convo us and ask. We can work something out! You really have to try these delicious cookies! I also got the Magenta Rhinestone Flower earrings and Sparkle Apple earrings posted. They're both so adorable and will definitely turn heads. Sometimes I love simple post earrings because they're just so simple and beautiful. They are very versatile and I love jewelry that I can easily dress up or dress down. :) Check them out!