Nov 2, 2009

New New New, but not an item!

I changed the look of my blog because firstly, it's past Halloween and secondly, I wanted something new until mid November when I'll put up Thanksgiving designs. :) I love having new looks to my blog! I always have! I think this really fits my personality as being fun, eclectic, elegant.

This afternoon at 2 was my Sephora interview. It seemed to go very well, I hope I actually get the job! She seemed to really like the fact that I am an artist & jewelry designer and seemed to really be interested. I could use the two seasonal jobs. Hopefully, afterwards one of the stores would want to keep me permanently. At least until my dreams actually come true and I am able to fully support my family off of my jewelry/soaps/art. [Which WILL happen!]

Verizon is really driving me insane. I have a Blackberry Storm and I was excited to upgrade to the new verzion 5.0 operating system. It worked for a while and then everything started to go crazy. My Facebook application disappeared and then my Blackberry started freezing. I ended up reloading everything when I got home, just overwriting everything, and when I turned the phone back on, EVERYTHING was wiped off the phone. I spent most of last night restoring my phone back so I could actually have my contacts back on. I went to the Verizon store today and after a tech told me he had never seen someone's Blackberry screwed up because of the new operating system, he then told me I have to completely wipe the phone and restore from my PC not Mac. He said my Mac could be why my phone got screwed up. Apparently, the Blackberry Desktop software for Mac is very new and has a lot of glitches. Well, they could have said that in the first place.