Nov 7, 2012

Stop Calling Me!

I don't know where these people get my cell phone number.  For the past few months I have been getting calls from foreigners that want to "give me a loan".  They're always from the most absurdly named "loan" companies too.  The one today was "Loan For You" (Or maybe even "Loan 4 U. lol)  The funny part is?  I never applied for a loan and I wouldn't apply for a loan because I know my credit is challenged at this point in time.  I also know that these people are complete scam artists.

The first thing they say when they call is, "Can I have your social security number to look up your account?"  My answer is always very easily "No."  They may think I'm gullible but I wasn't born yesterday, I know how a normal loan officer would ask to access an account and secondly I wouldn't have an account if I don't have a loan yet.  I had a fight with one of these fraudulent "loan" officers a few weeks ago.  One said to me (something like) "Don't lie miss you applied for this loan, now give me your social security number."  Professionalism, right?  I didn't hesitate to tell this guy off and scared him enough to get him to hang up.  I'm just sick of these damn scammers calling me and bothering me at every hour of the day and night.  

I'm just writing this to make everyone aware of this, even though I'm sure many of you know already.  I had identity theft on my 2011 tax return and I really don't want anyone else to go through the hell I went through for 7 months while trying to get the money that was rightfully mine.