Oct 4, 2012

Why Should You Tweet if You Don't Have Many Followers?

This was also posted on my business blog but I thought it may be helpful to some mom bloggers just starting up as well.  That's why I posted it here for mom bloggers to read as well. :)

Social Media is a new term to some businesses and bloggers who have not fully grasped the incredible potential of networking through Twitter, Facebook, etc...  Due to the fact that it's unfamiliar to some companies, they may not feel comfortable using the networks since they may have little or no followers.  However everyone has to start somewhere, even if it's at the bottom.  While it may feel uncomfortable tweeting or posting to a small (or no) audience, it's extremely worthwhile and the best way to grow your brand awareness on these websites.

Remember when you started your business?  Did you have a large client or customer base at that time?  The answer for most of you is probably, "No."  Every business has to start from the bottom whether it is creating and starting your business from the bottom or trying a new media strategy.  Just because you have no followers when you start doesn't mean that you can't grow that base.  Social Media is actually one of the best ways to promote your business for free.  (I know that grabbed your attention!)
The two main reasons to create and use Social Media accounts would be:
  • To raise your follower/fan count.
  • To promote your blog or business to raise brand awareness.
Participation is key in networking and creating important connections.  Once you start your Twitter account, go ahead and do a search of an important keyword relating to your business.  Once you do that search you will see a number of tweets from others that contain the keyword you searched for.  Take a look through their tweets and see if any would relate to your business.  Do you have a solution to a question they are asking?  Do you have an idea that may assist them?  Are they a business that is similar to yours or an individual interested in the subject matter of your business?  Go ahead and follow them.  It would also be beneficial to reply to their tweet with a general comment about what they have to say or answering their question with your expertise.  When they see you followed them or replied to them, they will in turn follow you and most likely reply to what you had to say.  There, you had your first "twitter-sation." (My own word, thank you very much!)
Tip:  When you tweet others or reply to their tweets, provide value in what you have to say.  Throw something in there that will make them want to click on your Twitter profile and read about you. (And your business.)
Others will begin to find you from their searches and from re-tweets from other Twitter users.  That is why it is important to tweet (periodically) about your business or plug your latest blog post; when someone finds it interesting they will re-tweet you for others to see.  While it's important to plug your latest blog post or your business, do not do it regularly.  If you make too many posts advertising your business, your followers will think that you are tweeting solely to get them to see your page.  That may be the case, but you have to build a relationship with your followers first.  Let them see there is a person behind the Twitter name and let them get to know you and your business through tweets, re-tweets and replies.  You will want to connect with them on a more personal level and try to relate to them in some way, shape or form.  Remember, interaction is key in tweeting.

Tweeting very regularly will help to build up your "twitter personality", brand and credibility.  Especially if you engage your followers by commenting or asking an open ended question and if you post interesting information that may be beneficial to them.  If you do not have the time to tweet regularly it may be useful for you to use a program that will schedule your tweets. (My favorite program for this is Tweet Deck.)  You can also delegate Social Media tasks and tweets to a Virtual Assistant/Social Media Coordinator.  They will be able to take that uncomfortable task of starting a Twitter out of your hands and take care of that for you with their expertise.

Remember -- you should not tweet just for followers.  Tweet for yourself and your business, the followers will come to you.  Even though this all seems so cliche, it is all about the quality of your followers and the engagement between both parties.  It is not about the quantity of followers you have.