Jan 15, 2009

Added a lot more items today!

I haven't been able to blog in a few weeks because I'm pressed for time, lately. I've been working on the shop a lot; well, items for the shop. Jewelry making seems to soothe me lately, especially with the stress going on in my family. (read about that at my domain here) I've been back and forth tot he hospital, making jewelry, spending time with my kids...it has me completely spent at the end of the day! I want to blog more about projects that are ongoing, but I hadn't had time to!! Go on over and check out the new items I have at my shop! VALENTINES DAY SALE & WINTER SALE going on right now. Combined shipping discounts, as always! New items will be coming into the shop in coming days as well. I am going to add some Valentines Day cards that I have been working on as soon as I can get to Michaels to get the finishing touches! (Hopefully tomorrow!)

Thanks, everyone!