Aug 21, 2009

New items!

New items added today! Including original paintings by myself and a wall hanging that I am in love with. The wall hanging has a special meaning to me because of the quote on it. "We can't all be stars, but we all can twinkle."

The inspiration of this wall hanging was a saying that my mom had always said to me when I was a child. "We can't all be stars, but we all can twinkle." She said that to me because I had always wanted to be something more than I was. I guess to prove a point more than anything else! However, the saying proved to be true. We all twinkle in our own way. That has now become my motto with my children as well. They are unique in their own way, and that is what makes them shine. :)

So, there lies the inspiration and meaning behind that piece. I am very happy with it. Unfortunately, my camera isn't and it had been handled by my kids accidentally. Thankfully, the photo is just of the display piece. The real piece will be much more vibrant and fresh. :) I probably should re-do it and make it "fresher", I just don't have the energy for that tonight.

I have been reading up a lot tonight on the Etsy forums and found many threads on how to make your shop successful. Unfortunately, my shop has been around for almost a year and I only have 10 sales. I really should have more by now, but I neglect it. Well, I have been because I've been so busy. From here on out, I am going to make the shop work if I have to put my sweat, blood and tears into it. I have a custom piece that I am doing over the weekend and that is making me happy. That's a few more dollars to add to the improvement of my shop. :)

Tomorrow I am going thrifting and yard sale-ing. Hopefully I can find some great things to use in my creative ventures. *prays* Right now, I must get my two monsters to bed, finally.