Oct 26, 2010

I've been neglecting all of you!!

I most recently started as a Customer Service Rep and Personal Shopper for Bluefly.com and haven't had the chance to get on here.  I have been working about 60 hours a week and completely neglecting this blog.  I have, however, been planning on ways to make this blog bigger and better and that's what is going to happen by November!  I'm planning on this site to be more than just a personal site but a point of reference for anyone who wants to know anything about parenting, crafting, cooking, etc...  We're going to get a complete revamp with a new name and style. :)  I'm really looking forward to this change and have great visions for this site!  A big thank you to everyone who e-mailed asking if I was ok and those who stayed loyal to us!  You'll have some great surprises coming while we get closer to Christmas!  

I apologize for neglecting all of you and promise for great things to come!