Dec 8, 2010

These few weeks aren't getting any better.

I'm so sorry I haven't gotten the giveaway winner yet, and I'm going to be doing that today.  In addition to working three jobs and working over 50 hours in my full time job, my mom was in the hospital yesterday.  She has known she needs knee surgery for such a long time, but yesterday it got so bad, I took her to the ER.  Of course, they said that she does need the knee surgery, but she also had crazy high blood pressure.  She hasn't been on meds because of her lack of insurance, but I told her that we have to figure something out because she needs to be on the meds or the doctor said she can have a stroke any time now.  So, we're re-budgeting everything. 

Absolutely crazy here, but I'm going to blog and post the giveaway winners after my phone shift at 3pm today.  Once I'm on my chat shift at work, It will be so much easier to blog and get things done.

Stay tuned!