Nov 27, 2010


Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with food, family and relaxation.  I missed blogging and you guys all week, but I haven't had the chance to do anything.  Honestly, I even had to take some time off from work, which was insanity.  Let me give a quick overview of my week from hell. (And I am not exaggerating when I say that.)

My mother decided that we were going to go Thanksgiving shopping AND bring the kids.  Now, just saying that makes you cringe, doesn't it?  Well, the part that makes me cringe even more is having to go with my mother.  I love my mom, don't get me wrong, but she shops at a snails pace.  She goes down every aisle carefully observing every single thing on the shelf.  She doesn't understand the meaning of speed grocery shopping, as I do.  (Especially when we leave at 11 am and I have to work at 1pm)  So, my mom is walking down every aisle at about 0.5 MPH and I offer to take the list and another cart.  Here is how that went...

Me: "Mom, why don't you just let me get another cart and help out with the list?"

Mom: "I don't get out much. I can do it."

Me: "Is there anything I can run and get for you to make this easier?"

Mom: "Do you think I am handicapped? I can do it myself."

Me: "Why don't you just give me half the list and I could help out?"

Mom: "Fine, go get me a bag of chips."

A bag of chips?  That's it?  I constantly go grocery shopping for my mom.  It isn't like I don't know how to do it.  I also do understand that she doesn't get out much because of her knee, but I'm sure her knee would be much better if she hurried up at the grocery store and got home and off of it.  In the middle of this, after bringing the chips back, I hear this from my daughter:

Alayna: "Mommy, I lost my American Girl doll hat! Lainie doesn't have her hat!"  So here I go, Alayna in tow, looking for this tiny pink American Girl hat that has mysteriously disappeared.  We walk for about 10 minutes before we find the damn hat by the frozen turkeys.   OF COURSE - No shopping trip with the kids is complete without some kind of incident.  

Here it is, now 12:45 and I tell my mom that either I have to go home and pick her up on my break or she has to hurry up so we can get out of the store.  She sighs in frustration and tells me that we can check out what we already have and I can go back to the store the day after.  Oh lovely, the excitement, I cannot wait to go back Thanksgiving shopping closer to Thanksgiving.  

We get out of the store, I get home to get onto my system for work and I find out the loveliest thing: My phone isn't working for work.  I try to pick the phone up to call into work and I hear nothing, dead air.  Of course, Verizon tech support remains to be useless as it has been for years, and I'm just more frustrated than anything that I couldn't get to work.  Verizon tells me that they can send me a replacement.  That's nice, but I lose money while they send that to me?  Not an option.  I decide to go to fight with them in person.  

Remember, the closest Verizon Wireless store to me is in Staten Island.  It isn't far, but I have to pay $8 for the bridge to get into New York. 

I get there and completely freak out on the lady behind the desk. (Of course, it isn't her fault, but I had to be overly dramatic for effect and for her to know I was absolutely serious.) After I was done the poor lady looked like a deer in the headlights because I had really let her have it.  Needless to say, I had to buy another phone because they no longer sell the hub. (That was pretty much a loser product lol)  Thank God for my plastic money. (aka: Credit card) Because I had no cash on me.  So now, I wait for a rebate in the mail to recoup some of my money.

Oh wait, but it gets better.  Last Saturday my uncle had trouble with his car starting.  He was home all week because he had surgery and was to be heading back.  His car wouldn't start so they towed it and I drove him back.  Well this week they gave us a call back and told us that we had to call a tow truck to take his car to Nissan.  It was probably his key and the computer chip in it not working.  Goodie Goodie Gumdrops...  Our AAA card is in my mom's name, so of course I had to drive her because my uncle wasn't there.  

FOUR AND A HALF HOURS we were waiting at Firestone for them to tow the freaking car to Nissan. (Which is 10 minutes away)  First they had forgotten about our service call, then they told the service car it was a lock out, then they canceled that since it wasn't and forgot to put in our new service call for a tow.  So imagine two kids in a repair shop waiting room for four hours. I don't think we're ever going to be allowed back into that repair shop again... Ever... 

The next day we were told that it was the main computer system in his car.  $1400 to fix a 12 year old car.  I suggested to my uncle to finance a new car.  His car probably is worth just a little over the $1400 and it wouldn't be worth it to fix an older car like that.  Hopefully he listens to me. 

Now, this bad luck had been drawn out through every day this week.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were terrible and something happened each day.  Monday, I had lost an entire day of work because of these messes that I had to take care of.  

Thursday (Thanksgiving) I wake up and smell something terrible.  Of course, I was exhausted so I disregarded it. lol  Next thing I hear is Alayna waking up and running into the kitchen, "Grandma! Call 911! There's a fire!"  I want to ease your minds, there wasn't a fire.  Though the smoke was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  After my mom comes into the kitchen cursing everything out, she tells us what had happened.

She was melting margarine in a pan to make her stuffing and put the ignition on HIGH HEAT instead of LOW HEAT.  It wasn't a fire, but our cast iron frying pan burnt so badly the smoke was terrible.  I have asthma... So I'm unable to breathe and I had to go downstairs to get fresh air.  Our hall way STILL smells of smoke.  Disgusting.  

Yesterday, I went out at the wee hours of the morning in order to go shopping.  Yes, I am crazy.  I freely admit that I am.  I have been told by everyone I know.  Last year was the first year I started to go out Black Friday shopping and I fell in love with it.  I got all of my Christmas shopping done and got home at 8:15 AM yesterday morning.  Needless to say, I didn't work yesterday.  I never expected to be out that late, but I hit quite a few stores and didn't spend that much money at all.  I can relax now and know I have no other shopping to do. :)  The joy.

I will get those winners for my two giveaways tomorrow morning and Im going to announce two more as well!  Keep posted!