Nov 8, 2010

Monday Mingle: November 8, 2010 & A new job!?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I tried to with only one day off. (Sunday)  I was as lazy as I could possibly be too! :)  So, since I'm back into blogging full time, I decided to participate in the Monday Mingle again!  I do apologize for the harsh lighting as I need new lightbulbs in my room/office and all I had was a very bright lamp that gave an annoying glare.  Oh well, better that than a very grainy dark video, right?  I need to learn how to use my Flip Cam for these things! (Or maybe I need that new bloggy/webby whatever it is! lol)

While I was working I did get a call from H&R Block.  They wanted me to come back this year a a Customer Service Coordinator or a Tax Preparer... While I am a certified tax preparer, I'm petrified to actually put that certification to use and do taxes. LOL  I know the entire form is online and it's simple because the computer calculates everything for you, but I still worry.  Getting certified was just something I did out of boredom and I didn't ever think I would put it to use.  Well, since I do need another job, I hopefully can get hired by H&R Block at night and on weekends, when I am off from BlueFly.  I could use the dual income.  Let's cross our fingers!

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