Nov 6, 2010

Libman Freedom Spray Mop Review & Giveaway

Why do we LOVE this floor mop?

We have super sensitive laminate floors that were put in wrong, so when we wash our floors we have to be super careful not to use a sponge mop that leaves the floor damp.  We aren't allowed to let moisture seep between our planks.  Well, it's impossible to find the right mop and floor cleaner for that.  I have tried numerous mops that claim to be perfect for laminate, but they all leave the floor damp.  

When we were offered to review the Libman Freedom Spray Mop I jumped at the chance.  Of course, I didn't know what to expect of it since we had tried numerous mops previous to this!  I wasn't sure if it was actually going to be something that worked or thrown in the basement with all the others.

This. Mop. Works!   I love the reusable microfiber pad because it saves so much money.  With a lot of those mops you have to buy the disposable wet pads or even new sponge mop heads every so often because of wear and tear.  Those things both can cost a pretty penny!!  This mop is so much different.  The microfiber pad is super absorbent and you can throw it right into the washing machine when you're done washing your floors.   You can also use your own favorite floor cleaner for the light mist that gets sprayed out!  This mop does not leave your floors slippery and damp.  It gives your floors a visible clean!  (Oh, and the swivel head is just SO great!! I can clean without having to really try to maneuver it.)

Doesn't push dirt around.

 With many of the mops you need a bucket of water filled with water/solution.  That was the way to wash your floors for the longest time, but it wasn't a successful way.  Whenever you would put the mop back into the bucket to rinse it off or get more moisture, you would put the dirt BACK on your floors.  The clean you had gotten with that was a FAKE clean.  Not with the Libman!  No buckets, no mop heads, just the floor solution in the well and SPRAY to clean!  This mop is so easy and so much fun!!

This mop retails for 19.99-24.99 but one of my lucky readers will get one for FREE!!


Moms Bloggers Club and Libman want to give one of my lovely readers a Libman Freedom Spray Mop for FREE!!

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Good Luck!  Giveaway ends on November 23  2010.