Nov 15, 2010

Flat Tires, Thanksgiving and FOOD!! Monday Mingle for Nov 15th!

How hectic!  Last week was pretty crazy since I worked over 40 hours and went on an interview for a second job.  I went for the interview with H&R Block (Which I worked for, 2 tax seasons past...)  and it seems very promising.  I did explain to them that I have a full time job and can probably only work nights and weekends.  They were very sweet and very accommodating.  I really don't want anything to mess up my full time job because I am doing very well and I am very happy with it.  Of course, the extra income is always something that is welcome around here...  It will be crazy if I do end up getting that job as well, but making money and providing for my kids is the most important. :)

Today is going to be a struggle to actually get work done.  My uncle is having his second cataract surgery and that means my mom is at the hospital with him.  I have to work at 10 and Olivia is home with me while Alayna is in school.  Thank God, after I pick her up from school, my grandmother offered to take the both of them for a little while so I can work...  It won't be that bad until I have to pick her up, but it will be a struggle trying to keep Olivia quiet while I work on the phones.  At least she may fall asleep within the next 20 minutes.  (One can hope, right?)

I want to get another giveaway posted today or tomorrow, so keep a look out for that!  It's gonna be a great one too!  I have so much to get done on my blog and so little time to do it all in!  I also have articles that have deadlines within the next 48 hours... Will I get everything done on time?  Well, I'm hoping I will!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!