Nov 5, 2010

Are parents more cruel than their children?

I recently read this blog about a little 5 year old boy wanting to dress as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween.  His mom did allow it and he looked so adorable in the costume, however the little boy was very scared to go to school with the costume because he felt he would be bullied by his classmates.  The blog goes on to say how his mother encouraged him to go because on Halloween you can be anyone you wish to be.  The kids seemed to have no problem with it but the parents ridiculed him and his mother.

Many children are cruel and abusive to others, but some parents are worse.  I do strongly believe that kids can be whatever they would like to be for Halloween and that has no impact on who they are.  Just because this little boy wanted to be one of his favorite characters doesn't mean he's gay or setting a bad example for the other children.  If my daughter wanted to be Superman or if she wanted to be Spiderman, would that be a problem? Would I be ridiculed for letting her dress as a male character?  Definitely not.  That is a double standard.  It's just not right. 

Those parents should be the ones to blame when a child turns into a bully in the future.  They are the ones setting the bad example for their kid by criticizing a mother for letting her son dress up for Halloween.  I don't believe this mother should have told him no at all.  This is a 5 year old little boy.  At that age, they don't know the difference between gay and straight.  Kids have active imaginations and will like what they like.  Children do not understand stereotypes at that age and I don't think the other children would have had a problem with it; just their mothers.

I give the little boy's mom a lot of credit for being so calm when she was getting attacked by the other mom's for letting her son dress the way he did for the Holiday.  I would have went off on all of those parents because, how dare they tell another mother how to parent or dress her son?!  I actually feel sorry for those parents who ridiculed her because they are so closed minded.  I feel bad for their children as well because they probably won't grow up to be open to all types of people.  I just hope they don't become bullies who bruise other people's self confidence...

Halloween is made for children to use their imaginations and step out of themselves for the time being.  Children can be whatever they desire and that is the fun of that Holiday.

What do you think of this matter?