Nov 4, 2010

Ten Tips for New Moms on Bringing a Baby Home!

I remember getting closer to my due date(s) and getting the nursery all ready for the new baby.  It seems like it was the longest time ago, but I do remember it very clearly.  Distinctly I remember making a list of things that we would need and posting it up as my check list along with a count down of the days I had left to finish that list in!  Having a baby is a hectic time, as is bringing home the baby!

1.  Get most things done before the baby comes.  I thought I had all the time in the world to get things done for my oldest.  I was thinking "Oh yeah, I'll have 40 weeks.  She'll come late and everything will be ready!"  I was wrong.  She came 6 weeks early and I did not have all the time in the world.  Suddenly, my family was rushing around to get most of the tasks done and I was left worrying that things wouldn't get done in time to bring her home.  After all, I wanted my daughter to have the best of everything and to come into a great atmosphere.

2. Do you have a dog or a cat?  You want the animal to get used to the baby's scent before you bring him/her home.  Have your husband, boyfriend, significant other or any other family member bring a receiving blanket home that has been near the new baby in the hospital.  You are going to want to put that blanket near where your dog or cat sleeps and let them sniff that blanket and cuddle with that blanket.  They will pick up the baby's scent and know that the new addition also will be a new friend to your pet.  You don't want the dog or cat to potentially try to jump at the baby when he/she comes home.

3. Stock up on diapers and wipes!  I know this sounds funny and I know most people HATE when people give them diapers and wipes as additions to baby shower gifts.  Well, I'm here to tell you that you can NEVER have enough diapers or wipes.  Your newborn baby will probably go through close to two packs of diapers per week.  If you have coupons and find sales that are good, stock up!!  If you can't print anymore of the coupons because of the quota, ask family and friends to print it off for you.  You will need both the savings and the diapers and wipes.  Believe me.

4. Keep a bottle of Purel in the nursery.  I learned this while my daughter was in the NICU.  Keep hand sanitizer in your nursery.  Actually, keep one in your nursery, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, car... Keep one everywhere.  Why?  Babies are prone to getting sick more than we are.  Their immune systems are just starting to further develop and we don't want them to get sick.  We want our babies to be comfortable and happy.  If anyone comes in the home to visit, have them sanitize their hands as well.  Don't let any unsanitized hands touch or go near your baby.  Hell, I even asked strangers to sanitize their hands before going near my baby... Even until she was a year and a half...

5. Take advantage of nap times.  This is going to be important until your baby is about 7 years old. (lol)  Make sure to nap when your baby naps!  You're going to want to take advantage of their nap times so you are able to get in some sleep too.  While you think you  may be super mom, you're not.  Take it from someone who did think that and got so physically exhausted that she actually got sick.  You need to take naps during the day for yourself, you're sanity and your significant other's sanity.

6. Wash the clothing before wearing.  You're going to want to wash your baby's clothes before you put them on him/her.  Wash in a mild detergent that is gentle to a baby's skin like Dreft.  Don't use anything harsh like Tide or any of the major known detergents.  There are plenty that are specially made for babies.

7.  White noise helps.  Often babies may get cranky or even colicky.  If this happens, white noise is great to sooth the baby.  White noise is anything that may be a humming sound.  (Any sound that is annoying to us!)  It may be a vacuum cleaner going, the sound of a static-y TV or even a heartbeat.  Heartbeat bears are available for purchase and they do work.  Babies are so used to the noisy atmosphere of being in the womb and coming out into the world is a different experience.  We often keep our baby's room quiet so they can sleep, but occasionally they need the familiarity of a more noisy environment.

8. Bottle warmers are great, but often you don't have the time to wait that long until the bottle is warmed.  As much as they say you should not use a microwave, it doesn't hurt.  It's important to put the bottle in the microwave at low intervals.  Microwave until the bottom of the bottle is tepid and the top of the bottle is just room temp.  Shake the bottle as much as you can until you feel the temperature be a little warmer than room temp.  ALWAYS test formula on your arm first.  You don't want to burn your baby.

9. Ask for some help.  We know that mothers and mother in laws can be annoying and invasive, but in the first few weeks they may be a Godsend.  We spoke earlier about not being super mom and not trying to be super mom.  You may need the help, don't be afraid to ask.  If you need someone to prepare meals while you're taking care of your baby, ask.  Chances are, they will be more than happy to assist.

10. Make sure your car seat is correct.  Most fire or police stations do car seat checks for new mom's or pregnant mom's.  It's important that your car seat is in correctly and firmly in place so your child is safe.  If you are ever unsure about the way you put it in yourself, it's best to get it looked at and installed properly.  Better to be safe than sorry.

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