Oct 3, 2011

Back in the job searching world.

So, I'm back in the job search world.  Last week I got a call from my boss that I lost my job.  I took a leave back in June that was for 8 weeks and apparently they wanted me back before the 8 weeks was over.  (Though they never told me that.)  Maybe my mom being sick and having 2 mini strokes, diabetes and then getting her gallbladder removed wasn't a good enough excuse for me needing that 8 weeks to help her out.  I sent them all the medical documentation they needed, but they didn't really care.  I'm the only caregiver of my mom and that's why I needed the full 8 weeks... It was very frustrating.  I'm upset, hurt and very angry that they did this to me, especially during the wrong time of the year.  I have my kids' birthdays coming up as well as Christmas and now I'm back trying to find a job.  

I sent out quite a few resumes to both at home jobs and office jobs and also walked around the entire mall filling out applications.  I'm pretty sure I can get something seasonal right now, if I had to, just to supplement for the time being.  It's very nerve wracking and very difficult.  I do have a job interview tomorrow with Bath and Body Works.  When Alayna was born back in 2005 I worked for them for three seasonal seasons.  Hopefully this will pan out and I can work with them for a few months.  At least it will give me a paycheck for now, that's all I need.  I'm quite frustrated and very paranoid, my nerves are working in overdrive right now.  All I want is to be able to support my family, and that's something I can't do right now.

I'm trying like hell and hopefully this will work in my favor.
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