Oct 13, 2011

Revisiting Friday Follow. :) Yay!

Since I have the time to visit some new blogs, I'm going to participate in the Friday Follow blogs and stuff this week.  Next week I don't know if I'll have as much time since I start my new job, but I'll definitely try.

Yes, I have a new job!  I'm working seasonally with Old Navy for now.  It's not a career but a job that will bring in income for the time being.  After the seasonal employment is over I will start looking for an actual job but I had to take what I could get for now, we need the paychecks.  I did have an interview with Coach today and will definitely take that if it is offered to me.  It's a much better job with better hours and pay.  It's just the big waiting game now until I know if they think I'm a good candidate for the job.  (I hope so! I love Coach.)
I started eating healthy (again) and hope I can keep up at it.  I want to feel good and lose some weight, so I'm going to try to eat as healthy as possible.  I figure that if I mess up once or twice I won't beat myself up over it and won't go eating like crap again afterwards.  I'll just get back up and continue on eating healthy.  It's all depression that assisted in my gaining as much weight as I did.  It's extremely frustrating.

Thanks for visiting and I promise to post more soon!