Apr 4, 2012

Starting a New Job vs. New Girl in Class

Starting a new office job is like walking in as the "new girl" in the middle of the school year.  You want to look your best and dress to impress everyone, but you also are very nervous and don't know if you'll be able to make friends.  Maybe adults don't have "cliques", is what I was trying to remind myself, but I wouldn't know until I actually got there and found out.

Thankfully, as I walked into the old warehouse converted to office building and into my "department", everyone seemed very kind and nice.  My boss introduced me to everyone and explained to me that I was in charge of contacting for the Boston and Houston divisions of our company, yay me.  She then asked me to sit in on my other co-workers calls, just to see what I would have to be doing, no problem!  It actually seems pretty easy, important and yet still a little fun.  My job is a lot of hard work, which actually will make the day go quickly once I finally start doing all of my actual duties next week.

Since I've never had an actual office job before, only retail, getting my desk was very exciting.  It's a fairly decent sized cubicle, but I've never had a place of my own before.  I was really excited to get it decorated a bit to make it more "mine".  Of course, I couldn't go all out and use an incredible amount of pink, but I could still find a way to make my mark on my cubicle. Simplistic, girly and yet me!  That would be my challenge!

Target was primarily my go-to place for my wonderful desk decor.  I scored some awesome girly picture frames on clearance for $2.39, a sparkly pink and purple LED flameless candle in the shape of a star for $5.99 and some other cute things to personalize my space.  It looks great, but it's not finished yet!  I need to add some more, but that will come in time.  I plan on having this job long term!

Needless to say, I love my job.  This job is one that I think I'll be able to stay at for a good long time.

Now, for pictures of my desk!