Mar 31, 2012

I never thought I'd say this sucks!

I know, I know...most people who know me very well probably had dropped jaws when they read the title up there, but it's true.  I'm starting to despise shopping! (Well, ok...I'm lying...only clothes shopping.)  Shopping for myself for everyday casual wear is so completely different, but when you're shopping for clothes for work, it gets frustrating. 

Let's start from the very very beginning of today

When I heard both my girls were going to my ex's house for the weekend, I was so happy. LOL! I love my kids, please don't get me wrong, but my two girls fight like crazy constantly and there's never a clean room or peaceful moment in the house.  As they left, I took my mom with me and we decided to go out for a little bit.

I work right off the New Jersey Turnpike about maybe 50 feet from the Holland Tunnel.  It's very easy to get to my office by going down the NJ Turnpike, but in the morning when I leave (8:30) there's A LOT of Holland Tunnel traffic that I just can't get past.  So, my mom decided to take a ride with me to my office but showing me a local way to get there instead of going down the Turnpike everyday.  So we took a ride there and I have to say....DUH! The freaking way she showed me to go is just plain common sense that I should have realized.  I felt like an idiot, actually. (Which happens often, it's not a new feeling for me.)

After taking that ride, we decided to stop at TJ Maxx. My mom wanted to see if she could get a dress for my birthmother's wedding, Alayna needed something nice for picture day on Wednesday and I wanted to look for some desk accessories for work and for some shirts for work.  I found some beautiful shirts that I absolutely loved, but when I tried them on everything was either too short, too fitted, too ugly on me or just made cheaply.  Out of 14 shirts I tried on, I walked out with two.  I hate when that happens.  I also didn't get any desk accessories; they hardly had anything. :(

So now I'm headed out to see a local town show that my best friend is a stage manager for.  Maybe at least I'll have some fun tonight, since my shopping day sucked.  Ha. At least I'm still childless for another day!