Mar 27, 2012

Life....And everything else

Life has been so complicated lately, it's so hard to get motivated to do anything.  Being unemployed for as long as I have been is just frustrating.  It's scary when you're on minimal unemployment, a freelance writer and work is not steady enough to have an income coming in every single week like clockwork.  Sometimes you never know where your next meal will come from or when you'll be able to buy the kids new clothes that actually fit them correctly.  That's pretty much been my life since I got laid off in October.  Frustration, fear, anger with myself and my previous employer; just plain being unmotivated to do much.  (And my house shows that.)

I'm happy to say that I do have a new job, which I start on Friday.  I'm going to be working as a sales rep for a document storage company.  It pays hourly plus commission and has a great benefits/vacation plan.  I'll be working full time, in an office and I feel I'll have a much more positive outlook on life in general.  I'm very excited and can't wait until I start getting paychecks again.  I won't feel like such a failure to my kids and my family.

Since I got the new job, I splurged on getting a haircut and highlights.  My stylist, who I've gone to for 15 years, was so happy that I was starting a new job, he said he was going to do the best style and color job that he has ever done.  I'm very happy with the outcome and can't wait to show it off even more.   I feel like the cut of my hair makes me look a little more sophisticated & smart and since my hair is so thick it's a large weight off my shoulders. (Literally!)  It's quite a bit of work since my stylist says I need to come in twice a month for a glaze, since the highlights are red, but he's willing to work with me and reduce the price or do one for free.  So, I'm not complaining too much. :)

I can't wait to blog here full time again.  My mom actually brought up my lack of blogging today and I really do miss it.  Since I'm more upbeat and happy about my new job and life in general, I have the motivation to post more often.

Talk to you all very soon!