Feb 25, 2013

NS Nation - 10lbs down with Nutrisystem!

I've been meaning to write this post a lot sooner but we have had so much going on in the past few weeks.  The worst was having to attend a funeral for a 7 year old child -- no one should ever have to go through that experience.  It's hard enough when the funeral is for an adult, but when you see your own daughter so upset about having to attend a child's funeral it makes it even worse.  It was the most emotional funeral I have ever been to, it was just terrible.  On top of that we have had our fair share of being sick around the house, Alayna was sick for the longest and she was just absolutely miserable.  Though, through it all I actually feel like Nutrisystem helped me from emotionally overeating, which is what I usually do during hard times.

Nutrisystem has been helping me for almost an entire month now and on the plan itself I lost 10 lbs. (And 10 lbs prior to that doing this on my own.)  Let's take a look at the two ways I had been losing weight since January.  From January to February I did it completely on my own and from February to March (almost) I've been on Nutrisystem.

Cost & Preparation:  Nutrisystem is actually fairly low in price, if you really think about how much you actually spend on healthy food each month.  Consider buying produce (which is almost never on sale), meats, cereals, etc...  From Jan-Feb when I did this on my own I spent a total of $489 on healthy food.  That's quite a bit.  On top of that, I had to take the time (between my two jobs) to actually figure out what to make and prepare the foods that I purchased.  Many times that actually made me late for my second job and absolutely exhausted. With Nutrisystem EVERYTHING is prepacakged for you.  The only thought process you have to use is to pick what foods you want to eat that day.  It's practically effortless.  All of the foods are quick to prepare (45 seconds to 2 minutes at the max) and you have a quick and easy breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert at your fingertips.

Taste:  I was on Nutrisystem once before in 2007 and the food wasn't bad at all, however I did feel like I had to doctor it up to make it taste a little better.  I'm actually very pleasantly surprised now (with their new programs & formulas) with the food.  It's absolutely delicious and needs little (or no) doctoring up at all.  The frozen foods on the program need no doctoring up at all -- they're amazing.  My favorite lunch foods are:

  • The frozen flatbreads
  • Chicken Soup
  • Mexican Tortilla Soup
And my favorite dinners are:
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Risotto
  • Frozen Pizza
I do have photos & reviews to post about these foods, this will start this coming week. I have much more detailed reviews to write about this program but due to everything that went on in the past month I haven't had the chance to post them.  They will be scheduled and posted this week, so keep your eyes peeled or subscribe to our RSS feed, twitter, facebook, etc...  to keep up to date with my journey.

So far I'm 21 lbs down and going strong. :)