Jan 26, 2011

Anyone else sick of snow?

The weekend after Christmas we got slammed with a little over 30 inches of snow.  Every week (at least once a week) after that, we have had a storm.  Even though some of the snow falls were minimal, < 6in, I am sick of it.  

As a child, I LOVED the snow.  I would pray for snow just to play in it and have a snow day.  Now as an adult, it isn't that fun.  Shoveling, getting your car out, driving in it, not being able to get to places you need to go...  It's all frustrating.  Whenever I hear about a storm coming, I turn the TV off.  I just can't even stand to listen to it.  

My girls, of course, love the snow.  When they hear of snow in the forecast, it's a celebration for them.  Granted, my 5 year old is in the frame of mind that I was at when I was her age -- Snowdays!  Little does she know, in public school the snow days add up.  If they pass their allotted amount of snow days, that means more school time at the end of the year.  She'll learn that in June...we have already passed our allotted time thanks to Mother Nature.  

At least I can be grateful that I do not miss work becuse of the snow.  My morning job at H&R Block, I live just 5 blocks away.  It's easy for me to walk or slowly drive there.  My second job in the afternoon/night, I work from home.  I have no excuse to miss work because of the inclimate weather! (Though sometimes I wish I did have an excuse.  Two jobs is exhausting!)  

Is anyone else sick and tired of the snow?  I feel like I'm shoveling snow more than I am doing anything else...and that just might be true.  12-16 inches in the forecast for tonight/tomorrow and I have an appointment to take my mom to at 7 am.  I can't miss that...so, that means shoveling every damn two hours through the night.

I'll survive tomorrow somehow... Anyone have redbull I can have?