Jan 29, 2011

If I were blonde, skinny and very awkward looking, that would be me today.  You will never believe how much stress one person can have until it happens to you.  For the past few days my stress level has skyrocketed and today I really feel like I can just hit a wall.  I am absolutely exhausted, over worked and frustrated with absolutely everything.

The snow really started it all off the other day.  The three hours that I spent outside shoveling my car out just to go to the grocery store, the hour I tried to help my uncle dig his car out yesterday, and the frustration that even though I just spent $900 to get my car fixed, it is starting the same issue again.  Add to that, my house is a mess.  My kids have been absolute terrors -- I think it's cabin fever.  I want to take them out in the snow for a little while to get some fresh air and expend some energy, but they're sick.  Sneezing, sniffles, slight fevers...the both of them.  So as of now, snow is a no-no.  Right now, as I sit at work, they're probably at home terrorizing the entire house and the adults inside.  I owe my mom and uncle HUGE for being babysitters while I work.  Especially when my kids are acting the way that they are acting right now. It's absolutely crazy.  Who knew a 3 and 5 year old can reak so much havok on one house.  (Looks can be deceiving, apparently!)

Snow that was scheduled for today, thankfully, never came.  However, we do have a huge storm that is going to hit Tuesday into Wednesday.  I don't know what I'm going to do or how I am going to handle that.  At the point we're at, Alayna will be in school until July with all the snow days they're having.  I'm so stressed out that it is really affecting my health.  I'm getting headaches, not feeling well, wanting to eat everything in sight and it doesn't help that this is ALL added into PMS.  I'm just a bundle of fun right now, trust me.  (You wouldn't want to be around me.)