Jun 9, 2011

How awesome is Verizon Fios for your family?

We have been through so many TV companies such as Optimum (Cable), DirecTV, Dish Network and finally Verizon Fios.  With other companies we either got charged too much money (Optimum) or lost our network reception during a snow, ice or rain storm. (DirecTV and Dish)  It got to the point where paying for and watching TV was just too frustrating and stressful!  We were quickly losing hope and trying to figure out what service to stick with when we found Verizon Fios. 

Verizon Fios is Verizon's advanced fiber optic network that lets you watch regular and HDTV with hardly any pixelation and interference from the weather!  Honestly, if you have ever had satellite TV, you know how frustrating it is to lose the picture in the middle of a movie or TV show!  It's frustrating and isn't helpful to your relaxation!  Verizon Fios has NONE of that!  That isn't the only thing that makes Fios awesome, it's the other features that come along with it!

With Flex View you can have such versatility by buying, renting and watching on-demand videos on your TV, computer OR smartphone!  That is really helpful when you're in the car with children who want to watch TV or a movie, when you're in a restaurant with kids, while you're in your hotel and so on!  Flex View is the biggest lifesaver you have ever seen and it is one of the best features Fios offers!

The TV widgets are for the techno geek in all of us!   You can get awesome widgets like the popular social networks, Twitter and Facebook or even Youtube!  You can actually tweet or post to your wall RIGHT from your TV!  What about showing your family the new funny viral video you found on Youtube?  You can do that right from your TV!  Fios is really revolutionizing the fact that all technology is connected or will be connected in the future!  You can tweet on your TV while youre watching a movie or a TV show, how awesome is that?

Fios Internet is just amazing.  As a work from home mom who works online doing chat customer service, I need my internet to work.  I can't have an internet that drops connections all the time, lags or is super slow.  If I had that kind of internet, I would not have my job ight now!  Fios is America's TOP rated High Speed Internet Service!  It gives you faster upload speeds than Cable and DSL and the best and most clear video quality.  Another great feature?  NO INTERNET OVERLOAD!  During peak hours, your internet will not lag or run slowly.  You will always have lightning speed internet, which is great for us bloggers, work at home moms and just plain moms who love the internet!

Want to try Fios out for yourself?  Check to see if it is in your area!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Verizon Fios sponsored blogging program.  Any views, opinions or experiences expressed are my own.