Jun 5, 2011

I want to wake up next week...

I'm having one of those horribly stressful weeks where every single day, you wish you could go to bed and redo the day over again.  Only that never happens and my days never get better.  Let's see how I started this week... 

It started on Monday when I found out my license had been suspended.  Why?  On July 31st, 2010 I severely strained my Achilles tendon and was on crutches for over a week so that it would heal and wouldn't completely snap.  That night, I was unable to back all the way into my driveway as I usually do since I was on crutches and once you back all the way in, you have to squeeze out since the houses are so close together.  It was impossible for me to back all the way in and get out of my car.  The next morning, I found I had a $75 parking ticket for parking inappropriately in my driveway.

I was going to fight that ticket and had a court date in September, but I started my job in September and had to postpone the court date.  I heard from the parking enforcement dept last month, who told me that they had a lot of cases to go through and they would call me back by June or July to give me a new court date.  What happens?  I get a letter in the mail instead stating my license is now SUSPENDED for not paying that ticket, and that fine went up to nearly $100.  On top of that, I'd have to pay $100 to even get my freaking license back.  Even though I'm frustrated at the court telling me that I was fine when I wasn't, I knew I had to pay it because I need my license.  I'm the only one who drives.  So off I went to pay the $200 fine.  

Wednesday I had somewhere to go and parked my car where I knew I would find it when I was finished. (I have a habit of losing my car in parking lots and on streets. Ha!)  I come back to my car not even 45 minutes later and my car is gone.  A gentleman who worked in the building that I was parked near told me that my car was towed.  It took me 45 minutes to figure out where the hell my car was, thanks to the lovely NYPD.  Turns out my car was in Brooklyn and I had to wait until the following day to get it out of impound and to find out why it was impounded.  

The next morning I call the impound yard to find out that they claim I have a ticket, in Staten Island, for stopping too close to a crosswalk at a red light.  That is entirely possible, I won't protest that except for the fact that I NEVER received the ticket in the mail or I would have paid that one.  (After all, that one IS possible.  Not like my asinine driveway ticket.)  The ticket, I find out, was from 2008 and that is why they impounded my car.  I will spare the details of my horrifying ride to Brooklyn and the horrible fear I felt standing outside all by myself there, but I got my car back that same day.  It cost me an absurd amount of money. 

That brings me to now...  Because of all that bullshit I went through this week, I am stressing out over paying my bills on time this month.  I know that things happen and occasionally you have to be late, but I am never late on credit card bills, phone bills, etc...  The stress is really getting to me and I feel like I'm going to have a nervous breakdown any minute now.  Actually, it probably would be better to have a nervous breakdown.  

Thanks for listening to my ranting.  Someone, please tell me that things will get better?