Apr 18, 2013

Nutrisystem Nation: Double Chocolate Muffin Breakfast Review

I love muffins and breakfast items that aren't quite healthy.  I'm usually grabbing one at the local 7-11 or  convenience store while I'm running out to work or to drop my daughter at school or just because I want an unhealthy snack... Well, Nutrisystem offers the Double Chocolate Muffin as one of their breakfast items!  I was a little hesitant to try this because I know some of the  diet muffins usually taste dry but this one is not even close to dry!  It tastes just like a regular chocolate chip muffin you'd get at your local grocery store's bakery.  This chocolate muffin has chunks of chocolate chips right inside the muffin - the taste is incredible!  I love to nuke this in the microwave and add a small amount of butter (or butter spray!) for added taste and melty deliciousness!

This breakfast is definitely one of the BEST they offer!