Apr 26, 2013

College Move Out Time! (Aren't we excited?)

I was so excited when I was accepted into art school on a full scholarship, I felt like I was actually going to be somewhere that I would finally fit in! What I didn't consider was moving the TONS of things that I felt I needed for college. We rented a Nissan Quest Minivan that my uncle drove down to Philadelphia and my mom drove our Buick Century with even more stuff packed into it and headed to Philadelphia to move me into my dorm room. It was a real pain. I never realized how small a college dorm elevator is and how hard and tiring it is to bring up all of my "necessities" to my room. I remember wishing that I had someone to help me with the moving -- besides my mother and uncle who kept complaining that I brought too much with me. (Ok, maybe I did bring too much with me...)

Campus Bellhops is a new company that does just that for you!  They assist with moving in and out of your dorms.I honestly wish I had a service that would have assisted me with the moving process!  If you decide to use Campus Bellhops for you or your child's college moving experience, please use the referral code: mommymisc1 to receive 10% off your move!!

Important benefits/facts:
  • Campus Bellhops is a student-run moving company on 50+ college campuses across America.
  • They cover move-ins and move-outs for dorms, houses, apartments and storage facilities.
  • Standard dorm moves are under $100.
  • All Bellhops/movers are University students and the client receives an email prior to the move that includes the bios of their two assigned Bellhops.
  • The company was started by two entrepreneurs at Auburn University who grew their business to cover 50+ campuses and employ 2,500+ students.
Fun Statistics:
  • 60% of college students live in a traditional on-campus dorm as their first college residence
  • Top (heavy!) items that the majority of college kids pack include TVs, Microwave Ovens, Dishes, Storage Bins and Mini Fridges.
  • 56% of college kids pack between 11-15 boxes for a move.
  • 54% of moms compared the college moving experience with unpleasant activities such as a root canal, sitting in traffic or visiting the DMV.
  • 40% of moms said the most unpleasant aspect of moving was carrying heavy items up multiple flights of stairs.
  • 51% of moms said moving their child in/out of a college residence was a physically grueling experience.
  • 59% of moms wish they could have spent more quality time with their college student, instead of loading and unloading boxes.
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