Feb 11, 2014

Most Popular Blog Post of 2013

I wanted to do a quick recap on what my most popular blog post of 2013 was because it really surprised me.  What was it, you ask?  15 Reasons I'm Awesome.

Why was that such a popular post?  I have absolutely no idea but I have over 1000 views on that.  Am I really that awesome?

I wrote about my life, how I overcame some obstacles in my life, why I sometimes lie to my kids and how I can entertain them on almost no money.  Is that interesting to people?  Maybe.

Maybe it's because I had low self esteem at that point but yet I was able to come up with 15 reasons why I was awesome. 

Or maybe it's because I seem to be supermom. 

I mean, I can shower in 10 minutes or less... I can also do my makeup while holding a bathroom door closed with my kids trying to break the door down... Or maybe because despite having a full time job and being a single mom, I can still make dinner from scratch and attempt to clean my house.

Hey, maybe it's even because I could care less if my house is a huge pig sty.  I have kids, that's always my excuse for surprise visitors.  And because if they came unannounced, they shouldn't judge me.  Pick up a damn phone and call before you come.  At least give me a frikkin heads up so I can shove shit into a closet.

I've also become a pro at getting my 8 year old's extremely thin and soft hair into a ballet bun for her dance classes.  How?  Well, I'm supermom.  And that bun donut thing is a lifesaver.  With a crap load of bobby pins.  But if anyone asks, I'm just going to stick with the fact that I am supermom

My 8 year old also says "I hate you" almost once a day but it doesn't phase me.  I feel like if she hates me, I'm doing something right.  She won't hate me for long, she knows I'm her ride for going over her friends houses, I can pay for her dance classes and I can say "no" to just about anything. ;)  Her "I hate you's" are very short lived.

Eyes in the back of my head?  Forget that! I have eyes in every single room.  I can sense with my mommy-senses if there is trouble brewing or if my 6 year old decided that our wall is better than her easel paper.  (It happens!)  I can also clean that damn wall better than anyone else can. (Or so I think.)

I still wonder why that was the most popular post of 2013 but then I think to myself...Hey, it is because I am that awesome. :)