Sep 7, 2012

Back to School! :)

Now that my kids are going back to school it will be a lot easier for me to blog.  This summer has been so hectic with going on trips, trying to find work for me and making the decision for me to go back to school.  Yes, I actually made the decision to go back to college!  Technically, I'm going to college but not going going to college. lol  I'm going to school online and majoring in Business Management with a specialization in Internet Marketing.  As much as I love art and absolutely loved going to go to art school, I made the decision that art is just too much for me to major in.  There's long projects and a lot of long hours that I just can't handle with two kids and there isn't much I can do with a 2D Fine Arts degree anyway.  It was a hard decision to major in Business Management but I feel it will actually be worth it for me.

My kids started school this past week.  My oldest started first grade and my youngest started pre school.    Olivia was never a very independent kid and never had the desire to go to any activities to learn to socialize away from me and my mom.  The only thing she did was go to her dad's about an hour away every other weekend, which she actually just stopped doing because she didn't want to sleep over anymore.  My expectations were very low about her actually staying in pre school without any protest or tears.  

I was extremely pleasantly surprised when she went into school yesterday without any protest, tears, worries.  She smiled and went into her classroom and came out the same way, smiling and happy that she was now in school.  Of course mommy cried a little -- my little baby was going to school, of course I'd be sad! :)  

Mommy now has time during the day to actually concentrate on cleaning, running errands, cooking and just taking time out for herself.  It's a feeling I haven't really mastered yet!  I get home from dropping my kids off at school and I think, "Well, what do I do now?" I haven't had child-free time in almost 5 years and I'm not used to it!  It's a great feeling though, but I do miss my babies.  

How was your kids' first day of school?