Jan 17, 2013

Need to Figure out Exercise Plan

I'm already exhausted working two jobs, going to school and trying to have a social life.  Although having two jobs keeps me more on track with my diet, because I don't have time for snacking, it's just so tiring.  However I know I need to find some sort of exercise plan to do.  

For 5 years I've had a membership to the Planet Fitness around the corner from my house and only went the first year for about 4 months.  Yeah, I've been wasting $10 a month for that long.  I mean, I have the membership, why don't I go?  I can't figure out when.  I work my day job from 8am-4pm and either work my second job from 5pm-9pm, go out with friends for a few hours, spend time with my kids or just completely pass out from working so many hours.  When in the world can I fit in time to go to the gym?

I was considering getting a smaller treadmill but they are so expensive.  The cheapest one I found was from Walmart and was $250, which isn't a bad price... but where would I put it.  Back in 2007 I made a horribly impulsive purchase on QVC of a $600 elliptical.  I fell for the, "This elliptical folds up and fits right against a wall without anyone noticing it!" lie.  Well, maybe it wasn't  a lie, but I didn't think to realize they probably meant in a normal sized home it would fit against a wall.  Not a city-like two family home where the rooms are a little larger than shoe boxes.  Well, this elliptical sat in our living room for nearly a year before we finally found someone to buy it from us.  I used it a few times but it was HUGE!  It was such an eyesore in our living room.  

Planet Fitness is a 24/7 gym but I can't bring myself to go before bed, I feel I'll be too hyped up to sleep.  Getting up earlier in the morning sounds even more exhausting, I'm not a morning person!  Along with the membership I also have Wii Fit, Dance Dance Revolution and EA Sports for the Wii, I could possibly do that but then my kids want to play with it and I end up having to give in to them.  It's so damn difficult to figure out how to exercise with my schedule.  I'll probably end up going back to Planet Fitness, once I can find the time to fit it in, but I just had to write this all down -- it was driving me crazy!  I really wish I had a friend who could go to PF with me, it would definitely motivate me more.

What do you do for exercise?