May 24, 2013

The Daily Post: How My Blog Has Changed / Goals for 2013

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?  - Prompt from The Daily Post

This blog started off in 2007 to be an outlet for my creativity and to promote my Etsy store.  I was partially unemployed, trying to make it on my own and pretty depressed about not having many people to associate with offline.  I felt lonely and wanted to feel like I was contributing something to someone.  Well, as time went on I realized that I really missed blogging -- I love to write about random topics that are important to me or sharing stories about my life and family.  So I decided to move my blog in a different direction and go back to writing about family, mommy situations, topics that are near and dear to my heart, etc...  

I started my blog in this direction because I was trying to find a place where I would belong and for inspiration for my writing.  Being different and having a creative mind, I never really fit in amongst anyone around me.  I thought with the right side of my brain while everyone around me thought with the left side; I look at everything and find beauty and creativity in it...a lot of people don't understand that.  Therefore, I got bullied a lot and got made fun of a lot.  I wanted to be with people who are me, who are also creative and think creatively.  

My main goal, once I turned this into a personal (slash) mom blog,  was to connect with other moms and share information and experiences.  I wanted to try to contribute what I knew to others out there.  I've always said, If I can help just one person with my blog, I would feel like I accomplished a hell of a lot. That's actually become my personal motto, one that I keep dear to my heart.  Basically, I wanted to make a difference.  Now, I know I'm not the most popular mom blogger out there, but I feel like I've accomplished that goal.  I've had people comment saying that my post really helped them or that they could relate to me or that I gave someone the strength to go on as a single mom...  I love hearing all of the positive feedback because just as I may have helped them a little, they're helping me keep my motivation and confidence.  

Another goal that I have is to help brands.  I'm very PR Friendly and love to connect with brands to promote them, that's something I am passionate about.  Being a SEO and Social Media coordinator, helping brands and businesses is my passion.  I feel that since I have the skills to help companies get "out there", I should definitely incorporate it into my blog in a different way, and I do.  I've worked with some amazing companies and PR reps and continue to do more in the future.  These are my ultimate goals:

  • To completely monetize my blog well enough to have a good second income to put into savings for my girls.
  • To become an ambassador for a company.
  • To go on a blogger conference trip to network, learn more and promote my blog.
  • To continue to grow a readership that actively loves to give me positive feedback but also constructive criticism.
I would love for my blog to become another business for me along with being a hobby and I will actively work towards that goal until it actually happens.  Goals are a part of my life -- I feel like I have to set goals for myself or I could easily get sidetracked, derailed and discouraged.

What are your blogging goals?