Feb 4, 2011

Friday Follow & The Exploding Egg

Wow, it seems like FOREVER since I have participated in Friday Follow, Follow Me Friday, Social Parade or ANY of the Friday link-ups! Well, actually, it has been!  I have been so busy with my two jobs, the Holidays, life and planning a trip that I am going on in two weeks; things have been so hectic! Well, today I am back in the swing of things and I am so happy to be participating in Friday Follow again! (And all the other 'blog hops'.

Just a quick bit about me -- I am a 25 (and 3\4) year old single mom from New Jersey (Near New York) and I have been blogging since 1999, more or less.  Blogging is definitely an outlet for me and something I just love to do! I used to want to write and wanted people to hear me, so this is a great way for that to happen.  I love to talk and always have a lot to say!  My girls are 3 and 5 (Alayna and Olivia respectively) and they're my life.  I am a personal shopper for a high end fashion website as well as a Client Service Professional at H&R Block.  (Woo hoo, tax season!)  I work way too much and try to work full time at both jobs.  On the side, I am also a freelance writer for a website as well. (Side income!)  Below this post is the "100 Random Things About Me" and you can definitely check that out to get more of a feel of who I am!  Clicking through the website and reading older posts can as well give you a little insight!

Right now I want to tell you all about a little lesson that I learned from attempting to re-heat a hard boiled egg in a microwave. (I know, that sounds like a bad idea just saying it out loud.) 

I am not a cook by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I do attempt to cook for myself and my family at times.  I used to be the textbook hard working mom when I would just pop TV dinners into the microwave and give those to my kids...Oh the horror!  That's something that most moms would probably want to smack me for!  Well, I am currently watching what I eat, since I am upset over the fact that I gained back the 40lbs I lost, and cooking my own food is definitely something that I feel better doing.  It's so much easier to know what goes into my food and that I can control it myself.  I usually hard boil eggs in the morning for salad and to grab quickly when I am running to work in the morning, but because of a storm and having to leave earlier I had hardboiled a bunch one morning and refrigerated them.

Since I absolutely hate eating cold hard boiled eggs, I took them out of the refrigerator and went to heat it up.  (Bad idea!)  I shelled the eggs and put them on a plate.  Stuck them in the microwave for 20 seconds and went to make the girls' breakfasts.  15 seconds later I heard a huge BOOM!  I nearly thought the house was falling apart, thought a plane smashed into my house or thought someone hit my car.  No, no other disasters... I had no idea what it was until I went to take my eggs out of the microwave...  Only one survived...  RIP hard boiled egg...  Not only did it explode, but there was egg EVERYWHERE!  (Thank God it was already boiled!) 

At least the one that did survive was good, but it was sad that one egg didn't make it.  At least I learned a good lesson:  Don't heat hard boiled eggs in the microwave. The outcome is never pretty.