Feb 6, 2011

Why blogging sometimes seems like a chore.

I absolutely love blogging, don't get me wrong.  Though, this morning on Twitter I saw a tweet and blog post that I could really relate to a lot.  This kind of goes back into my blog post/article about "What Makes a Popular Mommy Blogger" because it has a lot in common with what I wrote there.

There are some smaller known bloggers (who still have a following) that are great at writing but don't get the recognition others do.  This happens no matter how hard they try or no matter what they do to bring up their readership.  Some people just can't win and I do see the discouragement in some blogs about this when I read them.  It's not like we are picky, but we just want to know why some blogs are singled out.  Is it because they make money and have tons of sponsors?  Is it because they blog multiple times a day?  It is because they tell all in their lives, even the obscene moments? (I have none, so I can't write about that. LOL)  It is discouraging and frustrating a lot of the time.  Yet we still blog.

I can tell you right now, I don't blog for the money or recognition. [As much as my complaining sounds like that!] I blog because I absolutely love to blog and because writing really makes me feel better.  Even though, sometimes I wish more people would read what I have to say; doesn't every blogger wish that?  It's the reason why we continue to improve and tweak our blogs.  This is why it feels like a chore.

Occasionally you write a post, read it over, and feel it's inadequate.  Even though it's our own feelings, our posts and writing style seems completely inadequate and not up to par with other bloggers.  We shouldn't feel like this, but the entire "blogosphere" is competitive.  It's hard to feel comfortable about our posts when we read others that get comments up the freakin' wazoo and ours get 1-6 per post.  Rewriting our posts and trying to add lines in there to make things funnier and more interesting, it's hard.  It's exhausting, it's frustrating and defintiely feels like a chore and an effort when it should be fun.  I believe this is why a lot of mommy bloggers, and bloggers in general, quit.  They feel like they've been beat and just stop trying to succeed.  That will not happen with me because I love my blog too much, but I can understand why some feel like that. 

Any thoughts?  Popular and less known bloggers welcome to form their own opinions!